Little Vases.

I’ve recently ventured into the world of Instagram and was prompted, by a post, to show off my new set of little vases.

Julie at Peonies and Posies had posted a photo of a similar set of little vases, in white, filled with pure white snowdrops – so beautiful! I thought it was high time to put mine to good use .

Our clumps of snowdrops are now expanding well, with so many blooms available to cut, but I wanted to choose colours more in keeping with the colours in the vases – and I’d already cut some snowdrops for a couple of displays indoors.

The “piece de resistance” had to be the gorgeous dark red of the hellebore “Anna’s Red”, and I wanted to choose colours to complement this. A perfect choice was Chimonanthes praecox, whose colours seem to be the reverse of the hellebore – yellow petals to match the centre of the hellebore, with a wine-red base similar to the colour of Anna’s petals. That also brought in with it, its gorgeous, spicy perfume! Some greenery was needed, along with some pinky-red tones to complement “Anna’s Red”, courtesy of a few sprigs of Skimmia rubella and Sarcococca digyna.

I must say though, that while I love the scent of Sarcococca in the garden, and the way it hits you so unexpectedly, I’m not so sure I’m so keen on the perfume indoors! I also noticed it recently while enjoying Ashwood nursery’s glass house displays of hellebores and winter flowering shrubs, with lots of Sarcococca on show. Never mind, the Chimonanthes wins!

So there we have it! My little vases with complementary dusky shades. A most wonderful pressy!


8 thoughts on “Little Vases.

  1. Cathy

    This is so pretty, Ali – why don’t you link it to IAVOM and share it with more people? Is this one of the vases produced by Chive? Chive produce a huge range of quirky vases but do you know of a UK supplier for them?

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Yes, I must do that – better late than never!
      I’m afraid I don’t know who made it. I’ll have to check. I suspect it may possibly have been through the RHS, as my sister-in-law likes to shop for me from there, and it was part of a birthday/Christmas present of several gardening gifts, all presented in a R.H.S tote bag.

      1. Cathy

        Chive sometimes ‘show’ at RHS shows but I wonder if they are in the shops as well. Do have a look at Chive’s website – they would send to the UK but it would be pricey, I expect. Must look again – although of course I already have more vases than I can possibly use!

      2. thelonggardenpath Post author

        Can anyone possibly have too many vases? Especially as you ring the changes every week!
        I’ve checked my vase – no clues there and the box it came in ( long since gone) was plain cardboard. Will ask my sister in law next time I speak to her. Thanks to her, my vase collection is starting to flourish (remember the set of milk bottles?) I’ll definitely check out Chive!

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Nice to hear from you, Chloris, and thank you! I’ve been dabbling in other “media” to try to launch a sideline. Apparently Facebook is a must! (I’m not a fan 😔) I’ve started a second blog to follow and promote this too. Instagram is fun and easy. It’s based around posting photos and adding a bit of dialogue, so not so in depth as a blog. A bit like Wordless Wednesday with a few words! My son uses it a lot to broadcast what he’s doing, while I, (still as the Long Garden Path) post use it mainly to share gardening topics. You should have a go!
      Otherwise, I’ve been gardening! 😀


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