About the long garden path


It’s actually not that long and it’s definitely no estate! At 160ft long my garden path seems long by suburban standards. It serves its purpose, inviting me to wander round “My Estate”
“My Estate” is my haven. It’s where I can relax and unwind after a long working day, or where I can indulge my creative side and be constructive. It’s my panacea for all the stresses of modern life.
Like any garden, it’s always a work in progress, always needing attention, and never how I’d love it to be. But isn’t that the joy of gardening?

9 thoughts on “About the long garden path

  1. thelonggardenpath Post author

    I hope to show more of my “estate” as the year progresses, but don’t get your hopes up! It’s no estate, as I say. It’s an expression I’ve adopted. “I’m going for a walk round the estate”, which, if I’m not distracted, can be done in under 2 minutes! Thank you for your interest. We are in the west, in a village in South Staffs. On reading your site, I see you are more easterly.

  2. Cathy

    Yes indeed, re location – and I knew what you meant by ‘estate’ as we use the same term here. Under 2 minutes if not distracted? Hmm, not sure about that here as there aren’t any direct routes round ours!

  3. London Cottage Garden

    Glad to have found your blog on the blog list and look forward to reading it. Our front path is shorter at about 40ft but that is long for a London front garden. You can’t see pics on my blog, londoncottagegarden.com. Best wishes, Julie


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