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A Little Light Reading…..!

These are the two new additions to my garden library.

The first was a Christmas present which promises to be interesting bedtime reading – the gardening memoirs of Penelope Lively. I must confess that I know nothing about this writer, but the write up sounds good, covering not only the gardens she has personally experienced, from Cairo to Somerset, but also gardens in literature.

The second was my purchase. I feel the need to brush up on my Latin. May not be everyone’s cup of tea, granted, but Latin nomenclature is so descriptive, that I find it fascinating and informative. Not so much bedtime reading, though, I’m sure!

And my garden library?


Just a quickie!


My copy has just dropped through the door! I’ve been waiting very patiently! At the first flick through, it looks great – wonderful piccies, plans too. As you can see, the coffee has been made, and is waiting for me, so I’m off to peruse my new book more thoroughly. Bye for now!