The Green Guru and The Potted Garden

I don’t know if anyone has found my other blog, The Green Guru. It’s more about my business projects and hints and tips, and less about me and my own garden exploits.

A young family friend is embarking on her first garden, which is steep (it’s in Bristol) and largely decked, so she has asked me for recommendations for creating a garden in containers. Well, it’s a huge topic, dependent on so many factors, most importantly personal taste, and not easy to cover in one text. So I’m using this blog to try to give her some ideas to get started, and to encourage them to create a garden that they all can enjoy.

If this would interest you, I’d love you to have a look! The link is on my page, The Green Guru, above.

I hope you like it!

3 thoughts on “The Green Guru and The Potted Garden

  1. Cathy

    Good to hear from you Ali and know that your services are being requested. There’s something for us all to learn about using pots in our gardens

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Thank you, Cathy, though it’s purely voluntary and more a case of sharing my knowledge, as we gardeners love to do. And it’s definitely given me the incentive to get back into my blogging! I just hope it’s of some help!

      1. Cathy

        Opening our garden has made me realise just how valuable knowledge we might take for granted can be to less experienced gardeners

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