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The Last of the Summer Produce




It’s been a productive and “fruitful” year in the Allotment.

We’ve had kale, onions and chillis all the colours of the rainbow.

We’ve had chocolate coloured cherry tomatoes, and tomatillos galore, that make the most wonderful salsa.

And the wonkiest of (not so) multicoloured carrots!

The “Scrumptious ” apples are stored in the shed, and what remains of the uneaten “Doyenne du Comice” pears have been spiced and pickled.

And these are the last pickings….


….oh, well!

Size isn’t everything!

One very small moussaka is on the way!

Harvest Festival and the Price of Greed.


Well, that has to be our most productive year yet!

Our fruit cordons, which line a path in the allotment , are now in their fourth year. This is the harvest from the apple and the two pear trees. Not bad, eh?


Apples “Scrumptious”

The apples describe themselves perfectly. They have to be my perfect apple! Crisp, juicy and SO sweet! Almost like strawberries! And their beautiful dark red colour. They polish up beautifully!

For the pears, we had to consider pollination groups, so we chose two classics that were compatible:-


– Conference, which keep well and are good for cooking with as well as eating, (perfect for poaching in red wine!) and

-Doyenne du Comice, which supposedly has the best flavour of all. And I just can’t disagree! The buttery flesh just melts in the mouth, and they are so juicy and flavoursome. This year’s crop has excelled itself with so many large fruits. Last year we only had about three or four. They need eating quite quickly, as they don’t have the storing potential of Conference. That’s not difficult though. Tonight they are to be caramelised and served with ice cream, for dessert!


Pears “Conference” and “Doyenne du Comice”

Even our grape vine, grown mainly for its decorative effect (and wonderful autumn colour) has been bearing fruit, too. Maybe small and “pippy ” but nonetheless, nice to eat.


However, not everything in the allotment is rosy!

As you can tell from the photo of the pear trees, they have grown too well, and have outgrown their support, resulting in an alarming lean. The apple tree, too, was groaning. The “make-do”  canes were initially fit for the purpose, but no longer seemed strong enough to support them after three years of growth. I made a mental note, to make sure we invested in some proper tree stakes. Alas, too late! A few days later, I was presented with a sad sight! The weight of the fruit, insufficient staking and a bit of blustery weather took its toll. The tree had snapped!


Nothing could be done!

i just had to remove the fruit from the broken tree,  make sure the tear was cut cleanly and learn my lessons! Correct staking and thinning of the fruit. The latter I knew, but I couldn’t bring myself to discard all those lovely baby pears! The price of greed!

Hopefully, all is not lost. There is still trunk and branches left, so it should grow back – properly supported this time! And the apple tree regained its composure, once its fruit was harvested.

Here’s to next year! Let’s hope I’m more disciplined then!