And about me!


Me? Well, I’m at my happiest when I’m in the garden!

I’m an avid gardener, obviously, and a complete plantaholic! Moving to our Midland home many years ago, we were faced with a long narrow garden and equipped with no gardening knowledge whatsoever. Many books and monthly visits to garden centres later, and my addiction has taken hold. Even though our garden is now mature and well planted, I still look forward to my monthly excursions, always on the lookout for something new.

I am also fascinated by garden design, and how planting can be arranged to create wonderful pictures, and enjoyable outdoor spaces. I recently completed a garden design diploma, so now have design ambitions to boot! Watch this space!

Now I’m blogging, I’m finding writing is another outlet for my gardening passion – one I can share with others, and find new and interesting ideas!

And when I’m not getting my hands dirty, or putting pencil to paper, I can be found relaxing, watching my favourite sport, rugby union!


14 thoughts on “And about me!

  1. ursulascambridgegarden

    Hello there – I have tried to follow your blog but wordpress admin says there is no feed set up for me to do so – have you considered putting a ‘follow this blog’ section on your blog? Then all people have to do is click on that and its set up in a trice. I’ve saved you to favourites though…love the blog! Kind regards Ursula

  2. Brian Skeys

    Hello Ali, I have found your blog via Cathy, We had visit after you. Having found you I look forward to following your posts, our gardens have similarities, they are long, divided into rooms and we have a ‘Never ending woodland walk’!

      1. thelonggardenpath Post author

        Sorry! I was trying to say there’s a lot about WordPress I’ve still to learn. I’ve only used the basics so far. But I think I’ve found what to do – fingers x’d!

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Hi, Brian! So nice of you to come and have a look. I must pop over to visit your blog and see what you do with your long garden path. We had a lovely time with Cathy – I’m sure you did too!


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