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I Went to Ashwood and…..


….saw the boss’s garden!

Several times a year, John Massey, the owner of Ashwood nursery, opens his garden for charity. In all the years we have lived here, as well as been ardent visitors to the nursery, we have never been to his open garden. How dreadful! There’s always something else going on – and the last time we planned to visit, it chucked down with rain! But, at last, a couple of weeks ago, we managed it!

We were definitely not disappointed. Talk about an understatement! It was so much more than we had anticipated.

It is a beautiful 3 acre garden, set on the banks of the Staffordshire and Worcestersire canal. It’s a garden full of island beds and sinuous grass paths, under a wonderful selection of mature trees. These beds are burgeoning with the most beautiful collection of choice shrubs, grasses and perennials. As if the mixed planting is not interest enough, the borders are punctuated with incredible statues and features.

We took so many photos, that it would be impossible to show you them all! I’ll just have to try to select a choice few.

With such a predominance of shrubs, I was amazed at the amount of colour there was, and not just from flowers. The foliage played its part too.


And the bark.

There were the most sumptuous and amazing flowers, such as this paeony.


The colour combinations were stunning!

wpid-2015-05-30-12.38.56.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-05-30-12.34.16.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-05-30-12.39.18.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-05-30-12.35.26.jpg.jpeg

This scented shrub is a new one to me. And I must find out what it is! Any ideas?


A beautiful pond, complete with waterfall and deck, was backed by a grand rockery.



I loved the loggia! It had such a Mediterranean feel, so full of scent.


But, taking a left turning on arrival, will take you to a natural wildlife meadow. They’ve paid particular attention to wildlife, by incorporating features such as log piles, and beehives.


And a tree that looks like it stepped straight out of the Hobbit!


What a peaceful, idyllic view of the Staffordshire countryside!


I’ll leave you with some more shots of the imaginative planting and features.




If you ever get the chance, take it!