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Little Weed!


My goodness! I AM showing my age with that title! And so, probably, is any of you who understand it! (For the record, for all you youngsters out there, “Little Weed” was a “character” from the early children’s TV programme, “The Flowerpot Men”!)

I’m not being derogatory, honestly! I didn’t plant her. She just appeared, weedlike, after I weeded the currant bed, and planted the new box hedge, back in June. Thankfully, I now recognise sunflower seedlings, so she was allowed to stay.

My how she’s grown! She’s now about 5ft tall, and thriving on neglect. How the slugsnsnails have missed her, is beyond me! (You do realise, of course, that if I had planted seeds in the border for a display, they would have been “got” within a week, and never reached puberty!) She’s shining out like a beacon, from the “Allotment”, shouting “Come and see me!”. Rude not to oblige!


This was she, last week, full of promise. The photo was to show what might be in store for a future vase. Sadly, (though not for her) there’s only one bloom, so she’s safe where she is, in the allotment.

Blooming perfect!