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A Room with a View


At long last! We have the French doors we have been longing for, for so many years! We can now throw open these doors and bring the outside in.

Mind you, any home improvement inevitably comes with a prior degree of destruction. This is what we were faced with a month ago.


This – just after a new fireplace as well. You can just imagine the mess! Of course, it all comes hand in hand with the aftermath of decorating. At last, we are slowly emerging from the mayhem.

So, as you can imagine, at this time of year, D.I.Y. has been been vying with Christmas, for our undivided attention. Can’t decide which one won! Definitely not the garden and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!

Back to the view, it leaves a lot to be desired, at the moment. A mound of bricks, salvaged from the various minor demolitions, stacked, ready for a future garden project. Remnants of plaster to be cleared. Various pots moved out of position to allow the workmen access. And the Christmas tree – patiently waiting in the wings, for order to be resumed, and to be brought inside for decoration. With a bit of luck, before Christmas Eve! Work still to be done here, too.

The garden has, unfortunately, had to take a back seat. I have managed to hastily rustle up a vase of something from the garden, even though we have struggled for display areas, in the upheaval. As this vase fades, and Christmas is fast approaching, I must start considering the next vase, with, hopefully, a festive look.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean I haven’t still had my walks round “The Estate”. I couldn’t do without that to restore a bit of normality. And on one of these walks, look what I found!


Our snowdrops are also peeking through. The signs of new life and the next cycle.

Mind you, I now can’t wait for summer! To open up the doors, and sit out, in our lovely, scented herb garden. Bliss!