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Santa has been kind….


….to me and my garden!

A good, stout pair of leather gloves (for when the need arises!), a new journal (complete with pen!), a metal planter full of yummy chutneys (what shall I plant in it, once they’re all eaten, that’s the big question!) and lots of lovely garden shopping vouchers! And what do you think of my robins? Aren’t they wonderful? They need names. I’m thinking Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen!

But that’s not all!


I’ve long wanted a nice, metal watering can for using in the garden. The plastic one still has its uses, but I love to have nice, good quality utensils. My Grandad’s old treasured one has sprung a leek. I bet it didn’t cost as much to him, as this probably would!

But the biggest surprise had to be my Remembrance poppy. To see one in the flesh and to own it, is truly amazing! As it says, a piece of history! I wonder if my fellow blogger, Gardening Jules packaged this one up. She was a volunteer at the installation at the Tower of London, in November.

I must say, it has been another wonderful Christmas. Hope it was for you too 🙂