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“My” Temporary Garden for Christmas.


We have been spending the Festive season, renting a house in Bath – my birthday treat! (Not divulging which number birthday!!) The house is a beautifully renovated terraced house, from, at least the 1920's, with lots of quirky ceilings, corners and cupboards. Oh, and lovely old, original fireplaces. Very central, just a 15 min stroll from the centre.

And a lovely, well tended back garden.

The owner obviously has greenfingers and a love of growing produce. The garden has been laid out to concentrate on growing fruit, with currants and berries lining the fence panels, a top fruit espalier against the house wall, and several well trained vines – one growing against a fence panel and several more, creating an allee across the garden. There’s strawberries and herbs growing away happily alongside some bright, cheerful pelargoniums, left over from summer, still blooming away at this late time of year, thanks to our unseasonably mild weather just now. And a magnificent fig tree, in a huge pot on the patio.


All the necessary paraphernalia for successful growing, is there at the bottom of the garden – water butt and a couple of large compost bins – adjacent to the shed, festively strewn with lights! A stumpery nestles beside the shed, in the corner, at the bottom.

I can sense a “grand plan” emerging, with the use of pairs of yews, butting up to some new box hedging, repeated down the garden. Maybe he is creating a vista down the garden?

The fruit is all perfectly pruned and all the box and hedges are immaculately trimmed. Not bad for a rented property!