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The Joys of the Day


A beautiful day off, spent in the garden, has thrown up some lovely things to share with you.

I had so much catching up to do – yet again, well behind, what with one thing or another. Despite the workload, I still had to step back and enjoy what was
on show. After all, isn’t that what the garden is about?

Well, it didn’t take too long to start idling! The site of the Amelanchier in full bloom against the clear blue sky, was able to stall me before I even started!

Then there was the lovely lemon violas, bought last autumn for late summer flowers.


They’ve come back so beautifully now, decorating our patio table.

Then there’s my tulips, just starting to open.


“La Belle Époque”, after its wonderful display last year, was intended to be lifted after flowering and then replanted. But, as in the words of the Scottish Bard, “The best laid schemes…..” etc. So come spring, I’m afraid to say, they were still in last year’s pot. I didn’t hold out much hope. But, they have come back, and are now flowering, albeit not to last year’s splendid display. I may not keep them for another year, as they’re showing signs of disease, but it’s a lovely floral bonus!


I always enjoy watching the “Snake Dance” of the emerging Solomon’s Seal.


The sight of the fruit cordons, flowering again, is so reassuring!


And sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best! The first cut of the season. “The garden always looks better with the grass cut!” At least, that’s what we always say!

The bees and butterflies were happy to keep me company. And the birds provided the sound track.

Now, all that’s needed is smell-o-vision for the complete experience!

A happy day! 🙂