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A Chelsea exhibit – face to face!

A Chelsea Ball gown with a crystal theme.

A Chelsea Ball gown with a crystal theme.

Isn’t it beautiful? It certainly brightened up my working day!

I often nip into the florist over the road, when I have some time to spare, before work. Apart from floristry flowers, they sell plants too – usually the run of the mill bedding etc. but often unusual and reasonably priced specimens.

But today, while checking out their gardening requisites, I came face to face with this beautiful floral ball gown. Now, my immediate reaction was “Is this a homage to Chelsea?”, to be told by one of the girls that she had actually been there and this was her exhibit – somewhat faded by now, she was quick to point out. As you can see, the official R.H.S. plaque is by it. She had been awarded a silver-gilt! She had been so excited by the whole thing but obviously extremely nervous. I had to confess that, despite seeing the floral art coverage, I had not noticed her. I must look again.

She did let me take a photo, and was happy for me to share this, with you all!

So amazing to see one of these so close up and in detail! The hemline and shoulder “straps” were decorated with feathers, and the floral bodice, studded with crystals!

So beautiful! Well done, girl!