Meet the Green Guru

I know I have not been very active recently with my blog, but I must let you know that I have been pretty active in other areas.

I have, after much deliberating, taken the plunge, and  been turning my attention to starting my garden design business, with all that that entails. It means that I have had to embrace modern technology and, in particular, social media which, until now, has been so alien to me.   The first tentative steps have been taken and I now have two Facebook pages. (Get me!!) The first, personal page, is sadly lacking in anything of interest to read, and is more of a means to an end – to enable me to set up a business Facebook page.  I have also set up a second blog site to promote the business – The Green Guru. And I was so pleased with myself for managing to link the two sites!

The name? One I thought up for an assignment during my training, and my tutor liked it! So it has stuck – and it’s certainly memorable! My son is so encouraging of my attempts, that last Christmas, he and his girlfriend, had a logo designed for me, and used it to create business cards and fliers. Oh, and some mugs and t-shirts too! How lovely was that?

So this is me, introducing the Green Guru garden blog and Facebook to you all, which will cover hints and ideas, as well as showing my projects. If you’re interested, go to my Green Guru page, where there’s a link to them.

The Long Garden Path will remain as a separate blog – where I will still share my garden and my experiences with you all, just as before.

And, just so you know, I’m still taking my walks round the estate, down the long garden path!

Now, what’s this thing Instagram? 😉

4 thoughts on “Meet the Green Guru

  1. Cathy

    This is so exciting, Ali, and I am so pleased for you – I know from the design you sent me photos of that you have the skills and knowledge and I am confident that word will spread now you are going public 😀 Well done!


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