I Went to Ashwood and….


….bought another scented shrub!

I’ve almost finished housing my poor, little homeless treasures, and you may well be thinking “Here she goes again!”

But this was no impulse buy! Cytisus battandieri (now renamed Argyrocytisus battandieri) has been on my wish list for ages  – nay, years – ever since reading that its flowers smelt of pineapple. Hence its popular name of Pineapple (or Moroccan) broom. I even have a container ready, and have earmarked a suitable spot – how disciplined and restrained is that?!

It’s a truly beautiful shrub! Apart from its scented flowers, it has lovely trifoliate, glaucous leaves, that have a delicate, downy coating. So not only does it please the senses with its beautiful looks and perfume, the leaves and flower buds are so very tactile – like stroking silk!


It likes a sunny, sheltered position, in a dry soil,  so should do well against our west facing brick wall, especially now that there is more light in the garden, since the loss of the overhanging ash tree. It is often grown trained against a wall, due to its lax habit. Indeed, the best example of this lovely plant that I’ve seen in the flesh, is grown against a brick wall in my brother’s new garden. What a specimen!  I hope mine will like its blue glazed pot and do well.

And now, less than one week on, it has started flowering, and looking and smelling gorgeous! Yes, it really does smell of pineapple!


How’s that for an “impulse” buy?! Truly worthy of its place next to our bench!

16 thoughts on “I Went to Ashwood and….

  1. Cathy

    It’s far more satisfying when it is something you have been thinking about for ages and you already have the exact spot lined up – well done! A successful purchase and how exciting to have it flowering already! I have jotted down a few things that might be on my wish list for next year when I shall be allowing myself to buy plants again – but things like a white wisteria will have to wait longer as so far I haven’t established anywhere I could put one!

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      I did think of you, when I wrote my post, and your pledge, so I do apologise. You are obviously sticking to it well. Well done! At least making a wish list over the year, is a bit of compensation. Something to look forward to. What a spending spree you’ll have next year! Can’t wait to see it!
      I deliberated about the Cytisus for a few years, resisting the temptation for an impulse buy (most unlike me!) because I hadn’t worked out where to position it. Shame it has to be in a pot, though. I hope it does o.k.

      1. Cathy

        Oh please don’t let my embargo affect your plant purchasing, Ali! Actually the embargo has been a refreshing experience and has had the desired effect and made me think about what plants are really needed or wanted – it’s not been difficult. Hardest thing was not buying snowdrops!

      1. thelonggardenpath Post author

        Yes, I did read that. When they say, it can be trained against a wall, it implies it doesn’t have to be, so that’s what I’m trying. I don’t really have a suitable wall area anyway.

  2. Christina

    I searched for ages before I found one of these. They are lovely, but I’m not sure it will like being in a container, it is a huge shrub as you have seen.

  3. thelonggardenpath Post author

    It is so lovely – smells like it looks, actually. It is usually grown against a wall and can get to about 40m. but obviously, grown freestanding in a pot, it shouldn’t get to that size. As long as I can keep it growing!


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