Bringing Chelsea Gold Home


It’s magnificent!

The florist, “Daisy Chain”, is opposite where I work and I was pleasantly surprised two years ago, to come face to face with a floral, crystal ballgown, straight from the show. Helena had won silver-gilt with her gorgeous creation.

A Chelsea Ball gown with a crystal theme.

A Chelsea Ball gown with a crystal theme.

The following year, she achieved another silver-gilt, for her “Alice in Wonderland” tree.u

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of appreciating that one close up. It was far too big to bring into the shop.

Still not good enough, though – she was after her gold.


And now she has it with her beautiful carnival headdress!

When you get to see it in the flesh, so to speak, you can really see the intricate detail and the hours of work involved.



Orchids, dianthus, grevillea, and anigozan (kangaroo paw) are among the flowers used, set into a wire framework, filled out with red feathers and beads. Looking closely at the “horns” shows tiny green “pearls” wound around, which are actually the succulent, Senecio rowelyanus, or “string of pearls” plant, which she grew herself.  Really a work of art, well deserving of a gold!A real feather in Helena’s cap! (Groan!! Sorry!)

So is she happy now? Had enough?

No, she’s now going for “Best Floral Exhibit”.

Can’t wait to see how Helena does next year!

Helena wasn’t our only local Chelsea gold.

John Massey and Ashwood nursery also got, not just a gold medal, but also a Diamond Jubilee award, for their display of Hepaticas, in the floral pavilion.


It’s been a most successful Chelsea for our local exhibitors.

Congratulations, and well done!

P.s. I apologise for any disruption in this broadcast. I inadvertently published this post before I had completed it. So sorry!

4 thoughts on “Bringing Chelsea Gold Home

  1. Cathy

    I remember the hepaticas on the TV coverage – simply lush. Your florist is amazingly creative! How lucky you are to have someone like that locally. How does she get the flowers to last?

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    She uses a certain spray to help them – I can’t remember the name, sorry! She just missed out on her own t.v. coverage. Monty turned up, so the camera crew swiftly moved on!
    The hepaticas were lovely, I agree, and John Massey was quite emotional with his awards.

  3. Chloris

    What a creative lady. Ashwood deserve their gold, it is a wonderful nursery and doesn’ t it make you want to fill your garden with hepaticas?


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