The Bench Has A Partner


It didn’t take long before we realised that the bench needed a mate! To make best use of it, we had to have somewhere to balance our refreshments, while lapping up our surroundings. It took some searching. Hard to find a table for sale on its own, never mind one in that style and colour, and at a reasonable price. We discovered where we could get one made to order, but way out of our price range. We finally tracked down the best compromise – a table of a very similar pattern, only in cream. However, with our cream cushions on the bench, we think it works. So cheers!

The work done on removing the ash tree, necessitated moving all our pots out of the danger zone. So rather than put them back where they had been, I thought “High time for a different look!”. Yet another reshuffle! Mind you, part of the “rethink” was to find homes for our many impulse buys, and many of them were earmarked for containers, while their predecessors found new homes in the borders.

Then came the flash of inspiration! While pottering about, I noticed that the new foliage of the Zenobia – already in a blue glazed container – really picked up the colour of the bench.


And then, that the glaucous colouring of the Fothergilla “Blue Haze” was pretty close too! Maybe not quite yet, but the blue colour gets stronger as the season progresses. Should make a nice arrangement! And to finish it off, what better than the blue grass, Festuca glauca.


So, moving on, the pots on the “Link”, were replanted, and rearranged, this time hoping for a more streamlined appearance.


Hmmm! Maybe too “linear”?


Just a slight tweek! Is that better?

11 thoughts on “The Bench Has A Partner

  1. Cathy

    Lovely bench and inspired use of containers Pauline – but it’s the bench that’s really the star, isn’t it? I think the cream cushions will work perfectly to tone everything in.

  2. Cathy

    It’s good when one thing triggers another like this – and finding homes for all those accumulated acquisitions is always a good thing! Well done on sourcing your table – and of course you always paint them to match each each other….

      1. Cathy

        It’s certainly something I would have considered, but you were happy with the combination so it wasn’t really a serious suggestion 😉

  3. Christina

    You definitely need somewhere for a glass, my new area lacks the table, I’d like something quite small to place between the chairs. I still think the pots look a bit linear , but maybe if you put the second largest next to the largest so the sizes are graduated?

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      If you are to sit and enjoy the garden for any appreciable time, a glass is essential, so , yes, a table is needed. Maybe that’s a business opportunity? “Garden tables R Us”!
      The pots can certainly be moved about some more – I’ll take your tips on board and try them out.


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