A Warning!

What can happen to a cutting left to its own devices!


The before picture, taken at the start of the year.


It was an Euonymus cutting given to me so many years ago, when we were starting the garden. It wasn’t that it was unloved, or unwanted. I couldn’t decide where to position it – it didn’t fit into any of my schemes! So the pot just sat by the otherwise blank side wall of the house.

It did well! It kept growing, and did a good job of covering the wall. It wasn’t even nurtured – and never repotted. With the start of my interest in cutting flowers for the house, I took a bit more interest, and its leaves started appearing in some of my creations. And then I was pleasantly surprised by its cheeky berries!

But the outside of the house had to be painted! I had to move its pot. Impossible! All those years of flourishing on neglect, had resulted in it rooting itself through the pot. I knew it had. But not to that extent!

All attempts have failed! Even the attempt with the chain saw!
So there it is – original pot still intact!

12 thoughts on “A Warning!

  1. Chloris

    Amazing that it kept on growing so lustily when it was in a pot for so long. Still now that it is gone, I am sure you can think of something more exciting to replace it with. But perhaps this time, not in a little pot.

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      I know – I was surprised at how well it did! I suppose I took it for granted. I’m afraid it won’t be replaced. There’s not even any border there, to plant anything in. It rooted itself into a gap between the house and the path! The pot was plonked there to cover a bit of bare wall. And we have plans for a gate there eventually.


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