His ‘n Hers Sheds!




Oh, it’s not that sad! Honestly!

Even though Mr. Chef is planning to paint “his” a similar shade of blue, to create his “beach hut”!

It’s really a necessity!

My shed was the original garden shed. Complete with potting bench, trolley, and all the necessary wall hooks for shears, loppers, and all my lovely tools. The walls were packed with our power tools – lawn mower, shredder, hedge trimmer and so forth – bikes, and stacked with piles of empty pots and bags of compost. Sound familiar? I even have an old bar stool, for potting in comfort.

But then came the new porch cum utility room. All the D.I.Y. paraphernalia just had to be moved out. Where to? Sadly, my shed!

It might as well have had a “No Entry” sign on the door, instead of its lovely old “Sutton’s Seeds” sign. For the last year there’s been no way in!

So now, order has been restored.

“Her” shed has been restored to its former glory. I mean, I can now actually get inside!

“His” shed is now Mr. Chef’s D.I.Y. shed, complete with work bench and tools. And his bike. Of course, seats will also be needed!

And the porch/utility room is still in order.

I’m sure we’ll enjoy both sheds, amicably!

A win-win situation, me thinks!

8 thoughts on “His ‘n Hers Sheds!

  1. Angie

    It’s reasons like this I am pleased not to have a ‘him’! Well done on getting your space back. My shed is rather large (10 x 10 ft) and is split down the middle with gardening/diy on each side. If I let my son in chaos reigns and therefore he is barred!

  2. Chloris

    A great idea to have two.. Not really needed here though as the Pianist keeps all his rubbish, sorry equipment, in the garage. I would like a nice new potting shed though, instead of old stables full of rubbish and pots.
    Ali, are you going to do a Scent in the Garden post this month? Come on my girl, you and I have to keep the scent flag flying.

  3. thelonggardenpath Post author

    A nice idea that became a necessity! I couldn’t cope without my shed! And Mr. Chef is now looking forward to having his own haven.
    The Scent in the Garden post is most definitely on its way! I’m beginning to realise, though, that mid month may not be my best time.
    Do watch this space! It’s too important a crusade to abandon! 🙂


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