Perfect Plant Partners


The highlight of any garden – maybe even the ultimate aim – is the combination of plants, and the effects they create. What a feeling, when what you envisaged and planned for, comes to fruition! Or, even more exciting, when a perfect plant combination comes out of the blue.

Sitting out the other night, enjoying a bit of lovely evening warmth, I looked more closely at the adjacent Black border, and thought “You know, that grass, now it’s flowering, is perfect next to that Astrantia!” The grass was a later addition to the bed, and hadn’t proved itself, up to that point. Mind you, it does need staking – the effect is totally ruined if it flops, as it tends to do.


I really wanted to share this, and then went on a walk around the “Estate” to see if there were any other possible contributions. Thanks to the joys of iPad, I have now learnt how to annotate my photos, and show you, so easily now, what the plants are. Modern technology, eh?



And here’s one I made earlier!


I hope to continue this theme, as and when these horticultural pairings arise. The photos, once annotated, are self explanatory, so these posts may be short and sweet, even wordless, but always impromptu.

What wonderful and exciting plant combinations do you have in your garden? It would be lovely if you could share them with us. I, for one, would love to see them!

Gardening is all about learning, and what better way to learn, than from fellow gardeners?

8 thoughts on “Perfect Plant Partners

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Thank you, Matt. I hadn’t really appreciated the differences in shade of the Astrantia. I recollected them being a bit redder. I do like those colours. And the remnants of our black hellebore flowers, in the background, fits in so well too.

  1. Chloris

    Continus Grace is stunning with the Eremurus and she also looks good with the Digitalis and Carex. I love those colours together. Clever you working out how to do those arrows.

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    I hadn’t really realised how good a backdrop Cotinus would be, considering its strong foliage colour, but it sets those off beautifully. The arrows are all thanks to the Skitch app. I have. It’s even easy for me!

  3. Angie

    I am hoping my Cotinus Grace will be such perfect partners with what’s growing in my front garden. Your combos are wonderful and I was sitting thinking something similar with a few spots in my garden the other day. I will, if I can find the time, try to post about them.
    Clever you on working out how to put those arrows on. These things are often much easier than we expect that we wonder just what was keeping us back before hand. Or at least that’s how I often feel.

  4. thelonggardenpath Post author

    First things first, Angie, and congratulations on becoming a Granny! He’s so gorgeous! I tried so many times to reply to your last lovely post, but I ended up going round and round in circles, trying to prove I’m not a robot! I could not get it to accept my comment! So I’m pleased to hear from you! It was a great post, and I was trying to comment on how perfect Alchemilla mollis is with all roses.
    Thank you for your comments – you must show us what you’re combining with Cotinus “Grace”.
    As for the arrows, I use my iPad to blog, and that was done using the Skitch app. Even I found it easy! If you can, give it a go!

  5. casa mariposa

    It is magic when plants come together in just that perfect way to highlight the best in each other. It’s like a happy relationship. :o) Your pairings are beautiful.


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