Welcoming Spring


Sunday morning saw a short glimpse of spring. We realised it wasn’t to last. By afternoon the wind and rain was due to return, so we took the chance to grab a couple of hours to make inroads into all the garden tasks lined up for us.(And anyway, come the afternoon, the next round of rugby matches would be calling us indoors!).

The job today was to remove a large branch of next door’s lilac tree, (with permission, of course!) that was constantly bashing me in the bonce! Not a job for secateurs, but for a chain saw.


I should have taken a “before” picture, but Mr. Chef was well underway by the time I thought about it. That was the easy bit! Now it had to be disposed of!


But at least now the woodpile is starting to take shape.

It wasn’t all work. The sun also brought out a few gems to enjoy. The Woodland Garden, where we were working away, was starting to look good, with all the tiny jewel-like cyclamens, dotted around under the newly opening dusky pink, nodding heads of the Hellebores.

Elsewhere, in the Cottage Garden, it was the crocuses that were making the big impact. The sun was bringing them on and they were starting to open up and show us their faces.


They were planted when we first started planting up the Scented Shrub Border, as an understorey for the shrubs, and they are really spreading out nicely.


Maybe, even, too nicely!


But Sunday’s highlight (definitely not the rugby! 😦 ) has to be the Ypsilandra thibetica I found last year, after I had seen it featured on a fellow blogger’s post (thank you, Chloris!). Its healthy clump of green leaves has been there since then, but now the flower buds are starting to appear.


I can’t wait for its first violet scented flowers to bloom!


10 thoughts on “Welcoming Spring

  1. Chloris

    I love all your crocuses. I’ m so glad that your Ypsilandra is performing well for you. I just noticed that mine has buds on it too. Yippee!
    Does that give you more planting space where the lilac was casting shadows?

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      I’m so excited about the Ypsilandra. It may be a feature of this month’s “Scent in the Garden”. The loss of the branch won’t give us any more planting space. The area immediately underneath is paved. But it will give us space for another shed – this time for Mr. Chef. No, not for cooking purposes, I hasten to add! It’s for his tool storage, which gives me my shed back!

  2. Angie

    Am I jealous of those crocus? Of course I am!
    Great to read you managed a bit outdoors before your beloved Rugby kicked off. I can almost feel your excitement at the Ypsilanra blooming. It’s been a long wait.

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Thank you, Angie. The crocus are doing well, but they have been there for ages. Unlike the Ypsilandra. I’m so excited to see and smell my first flowers! As for the rugby – well, by the end of the weekend it wasn’t quite so beloved! 😦

  3. Annette

    Your crocus carpets are a sight to behold, Ali, so pretty! In my garden the blackbirds are munching them and drive me into despair. I’m so much looking forward to spring 🙂

  4. thelonggardenpath Post author

    They may be munching my yellow ones, too. I’ve read that they like yellow ones. The white and purple shades seem to be fine. And yes, I agree – I’ve had enough of winter now!

  5. Cathy

    The sunshine has been lovely, hasn’t it? And of course the crocus love it – yours certainly do! I saw Sarcococca digyna at Wisley today, and am thinking of adding one to my shrub border – I had not come across it till your scented post the other week, so thank you 🙂


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