January – the doorway to the year.
Named after Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions.
Derived from tha Latin word ianua, meaning door.

How apt, therefore, is my cuttings display at the moment, displayed by our new French doors! They are showing a selection of scented blooms, flowering at the moment against a backdrop of the evergreen Sarcococca, or Christmas Box. It’s looking forward to the garden delights to come, while coming full circle from this time last year, when I started my Cuttings Calender, using Sarcococca in my new little milk bottles.


Oh, yes, I’ve done it! Completed a whole year of having flowers and cut material from our garden, on display in the house. Sometimes, rather minimal, and sometimes, I must confess, slightly past their best, while I get a chance to do a fresh vase, but there’s been at least one vase on the go all year. Now, to keep it up and get better! This has affected what I plan to grow from now on. I’m considering more bulbs and growing flowers for cutting. As I’m now struggling for border space for these plans, I’m searching for some quirky containers in which to grow them.

And, I’ve been blogging now for a year, too. As many of you know, I was honoured to be nominated for a Liebster award too, to coincide with my anniversary.

January is also the time of returning to “normal”. I trust you all had a pleasant festive season. For the last couple of months, my garden has had to take a bit of a back seat, with, not only Christmas preps, but also the dreaded D.I.Y. to deal with! At least it’s been a quiet(ish)time, gardening wise. I’ve still been enjoying my walks around the “Estate”, seeing what is developing, and taken some interesting snapshots along the way, but with no coherent storyline – somewhat random – but I’ll show them anyway!

They mainly revolve around the weather effects in the garden – or to be more precise, frost. It has been such a mild Christmas period, with temperatures well into double figures at times, but contrasting with some cold snaps giving us some pure white frosty scenes, and even a touch of snow, albeit short lived.

I have some shots of our frosty garden.

The frosty Grass Garden

The frosty Grass Garden

The frosty Allotment

The frosty Allotment

Note the garden fork staring at me, reproachfully!

The frosty Cottage Garden

The frosty Cottage Garden

Glass of wine, anyone? Hot chocolate, more like!

And there were some magical frost effects!





One of my somewhat overlooked shrubs, given as an unknown cutting, (unknown other than it’s an evergreen Euonymus) and just plonked somewhere to grow away, threw up a surprise.


The most amazing berries – totally unexpected! I knew deciduous Euonymus developed similar interesting berries, but not the evergreens. I’m always learning! It has grown in my estimation over the last year for providing good foliage for vases. And now, berries too! Some were immediately added to the milk bottles! It will be a bit more valued from now on.

And on one glorious winter day….


…. what a racket greeted me! The sycamore trees at the end of the garden, silhouetted against a beautiful blue sky, was full of birds chattering away. They were too far away to make out what they were, but I suspect they may have been starlings. If so, we don’t normally see them in our garden. Slim and dark and not too large. Am I right in thinking that starlings tend to flock and are renowned for their song? Anyway, it was such a cheerful experience!

And now it’s time to look forward. Have any of you got any gardening New Years Resolutions? What plans have you got for your gardens this year?

Here’s to another gardening year! I can’t wait to get started!

8 thoughts on “January

  1. angiesgardendiaries

    Goodness me, like you I had no idea the evergreen euonymus produced such berries. They look like they are sticking out their tongues don’t they. I’ve have to have a closer look at mine.
    I love the fork patiently waiting for your return to the garden – hopefully it won’t be too long.
    I haven’t made too many resolutions garden wise other than to sort out/edit my plant lists as they are so out of date.
    Looking forward to seeing what you achieve in 2015.

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    That’s exactly what I thought when I spotted the berries – cheeky, little blighters! I’m afraid the fork did shame me, somewhat, when I re looked at the photo. Oh! All those weeds! My main aims are to grow more flowers for cutting and a fair bit of tweaking.

  3. Cathy

    Ahah – I have those little milk bottles too! Once I sourced where to buy them I mentioned them to Younger Daughter who wanted present ideas and they appeared in due course. I did think of using them tomorrow but I have earmarked a different vase instead. Those berries are great, aren’t they, and what a nice surprise! I wouldn’t say starlings sing – they chatter very loudly, loud a classful of school children!

  4. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Aah! You have the milk bottles too! They are wonderful – so versatile! Can’t wait to see you use them – I’ll be watching! As for my birds, that is what they sounded like. (Though I’ve never experienced a classful of children!)

  5. casa mariposa

    The euonymous berries look like they’re sticking out a fat red tongue! My garden is completely dormant so there is nothing to stick in a vase but I like your collection of greenery. 🙂


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