A Room with a View


At long last! We have the French doors we have been longing for, for so many years! We can now throw open these doors and bring the outside in.

Mind you, any home improvement inevitably comes with a prior degree of destruction. This is what we were faced with a month ago.


This – just after a new fireplace as well. You can just imagine the mess! Of course, it all comes hand in hand with the aftermath of decorating. At last, we are slowly emerging from the mayhem.

So, as you can imagine, at this time of year, D.I.Y. has been been vying with Christmas, for our undivided attention. Can’t decide which one won! Definitely not the garden and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!

Back to the view, it leaves a lot to be desired, at the moment. A mound of bricks, salvaged from the various minor demolitions, stacked, ready for a future garden project. Remnants of plaster to be cleared. Various pots moved out of position to allow the workmen access. And the Christmas tree – patiently waiting in the wings, for order to be resumed, and to be brought inside for decoration. With a bit of luck, before Christmas Eve! Work still to be done here, too.

The garden has, unfortunately, had to take a back seat. I have managed to hastily rustle up a vase of something from the garden, even though we have struggled for display areas, in the upheaval. As this vase fades, and Christmas is fast approaching, I must start considering the next vase, with, hopefully, a festive look.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean I haven’t still had my walks round “The Estate”. I couldn’t do without that to restore a bit of normality. And on one of these walks, look what I found!


Our snowdrops are also peeking through. The signs of new life and the next cycle.

Mind you, I now can’t wait for summer! To open up the doors, and sit out, in our lovely, scented herb garden. Bliss!

10 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. angiesgardendiaries

    What a difference these doors are going to make for you. I remember when I first had a patio door fitted years ago – it truly did feel like bringing the outdoors in.
    I’m sure you will win the Christmas preparation race, your determination will shine through.

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Thank you, Angie. Even though it was a cold day when they were installed, the transformation with the doors flung wide was incredible! The room suddenly felt so much more open (and freezing!). I can feel I’m nearing the end of the “race” – the house is getting back to normal, and the Christmas “to do” list is rapidly getting ticked off. Unfortunately, the tree is still waiting in the wings! There’s still time!

  2. Cathy

    I have to say I thought your second picture was quite tame – was expecting rather more chaos, but I am sure living with the building work was disruptive enough though. Doing all our renovation and building work ourselves we probably turned a blind eye to the mess! Glad you have still managed regular walks round the Estate – and hurrah for your snowdrops!

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      To be fair, both jobs were achieved with minimal mess and disruption. It’s more the knock-on effect of the clear up operation afterwards, and the decorating. It all seems to take so long, while working, and I’m so impatient! I can’t imagine what you went through, doing it all yourself. You have my total admiration! The snowdrops and the walks are a pleasant diversion. Hope you had a good birthday – I’m still waiting for mine! 😉

      1. Cathy

        Doing it all ourselves is just another reason why our hearts and souls are so much in the house and garden, Ali – it’s just part of who we are. Hmm… it’s getting very close to Christmas for your birthday – hope you have a special and non Christmassy day, unless it’s on the day itself, I suppose 😉

      2. thelonggardenpath Post author

        Its still not here! O.k. The game is up! Two more hours and I would have been a Christmas baby! So I no longer compete with Christmas Eve (especially as I’m usually working) and delay my birthday to another day, when I can celebrate it properly. 🙂

      3. Cathy

        Ahah! I daresay you have got used to it now though, as I have to my early December one – we have never known anything different! I wonder if you delay it to a specific day or perhaps it depends what day of the week the holiday days are. The Golfer’s birthday in early June is almost always during the spring bank holiday half term so if we plan to go away we will defer it till the week after!

  3. wellywoman

    They do make such a difference. We love having ours open on a summer evening. Having work done is always a pain. I’ve never quite understood those people who are serial DIYers and constantly doing something to their house. We had a chimney removed a few weeks ago and the mess they made flattening plants etc. Still at least it is winter and most of the plants are under ground. Hope you get everything ready in time for Christmas.

  4. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Im definitely not a serial DIYer, as I can’t stand living in turmoil, but there comes a time when you can’t put it off any longer! And we’re so pleased with the outcome – can’t wait for better weather! And the new fire will keep us warm when it’s not. I do hope your plants survive their attack! As for Christmas, we’re nearly there, thanks.


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