The Cuttings Calender – October


The star of the month!

Yes, you have seen this before. This was the vase I prepared before going off on our hols, in “Sun, Sea and Sand“. I was looking for a vase that would still be going strong – or, at least, strongish! – when we came home. And it did what I had hoped! Choosing berries, seed heads and grasses, that would die gracefully, rather than collapse, certainly worked. I do confess that part of me wanted a repeat of the red berry vase I did in September. I did love that, but the simple white roses with hydrangea, pipped it at the post.


This, my little experiment, you’ve also seen. This little vase was a sample of a cyclamen and viola flower, from my trip to the nursery, to see how they would perform in a vase. The viola flopped – literally! – but the cyclamen lasted well. Sadly the stems are a bit on the short side for its use as anything other than “posies” for example.


Now this was me trying to be clever! I’d salvaged these three jars, which had once contained some chilli relishes – a Christmas present to “Mr. Chef”. They have such a lovely chunky shape. They stack as well! I had long envisaged them, with flowers, being used together as a table display. The Grass Garden was producing a prolific patch of Aster frikartii “Monch”, which would give me plenty of lilac flowers for cutting, so these jars seemed the ideal receptacle. The table, at this time, is out of action, so I had to make do with a window ledge. I used the golden foliage from a Euonymus as a contrast to the lilac, in the two outer jars, and the silvery grass, Miscanthus “Morning Light”, in the central jar, giving a bit of height and softness. It would look better on our new table, though!

image The surprise, late flowering Jasmine, was a must for a vase!

I feel October was not my most productive month, vase wise. But who’d be without a holiday in the sun! Despite so few vases to show, my stream of displays is still continuous. Perhaps the longevity of the “holiday” vase is to blame! Next month, I hope will be more productive. Let’s wait and see!

6 thoughts on “The Cuttings Calender – October

  1. Cathy

    That was indeed a star, wasn’t it? And perhaps one day I might have enough asters for a trio of vases like your lovely chunky jars. They look great, don’t they? Well done you for your succession of vases – you have been doing it far longer than me!

  2. Julie

    Thats a great use for the relish jars – they look like a stylish upmarket brand jar and are really lovely. Your Jasmine in November must have been a very welcome surprise too, I bet it smells wonderful.

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      Yes, the jars are great. The Jasmine was a pleasant surprise, that just had to be enjoyed indoors, even though there were so few flowers in bloom. And the plant still has some buds to come!

  3. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Thank you, Chloris. Oh dear, I know they should be called Symphiotrichum, but it totally escaped me at the time, so I plumped for good old fashioned Aster, which I’m sure we all understand. One day, maybe ……!


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