Better Late Than Never!


I had every intention to join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and her meme “In a vase on Monday”, but what with work and other commitments, I couldn’t get it together in time.

With time to spare today, I went ahead with my next arrangement for my Cuttings Calender challenge (to have a continuous display of flowers or cuttings from the garden for a year). My “crate” of geraniums were going over, and needed to be replaced.

I was desperate to use some of my cherished roses. I struggle to destroy the garden display by picking them for a vase, but “Albertine” is now very floriferous, and wouldn’t miss a few blooms.
I wanted to arrange them among a “lemon/lime froth”, and for this I used some Angelica seed heads, along with some buds of Hydrangea “Annabelle”. They are proving to create a wonderful combo, in the border, alongside Rose “Gertrude Jekyll”, so I thought it might work in a vase. Alchemilla mollis provided the bulk of the “froth”, and other pinpoints of pink were provided by Astrantia “Roma”.

I have had so much inspiration from Cathy’s meme, and feel I’m starting to be more adventurous. I’m so chuffed with this result that I wanted to show it anyway – better late than never!

6 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never!

  1. Cathy

    Hurrah! Well done! Now, tell me honestly, does your garden look any less lovely without these flowers that you have picked…?! Everything gels together beautifully, in both colour and texture – and I am now thinking of Anabelle buds in a future vase as she is really loving her new position here and is beginning to romp. Thanks for the idea (an exchange for the hellebore seed pods?)! The angelica is a big asset and one I don’t have – and I can see how pink Roma is so mine has definitely been mislabelled 😦 Most of us posting for the meme are very much novices when it comes to plonking flowers in a vase, but we all seem to be inspiring each other, which is lovely:)

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Thank you, Cathy! I think that exchange sounds fair! I can’t believe how versatile “Annabelle” is. I thought she was a lovely shrub, when I planted her, perfect for a cottage border, but once planted, I realise she has so much more going for her, with lovely lime-green leaves and flower buds, white flowers and fantastic seed heads. She creates some lovely combos in the border, especially with roses.
    Now I just need to work out how to do a link, and I’ll be joining you more often! Oh, and by the way, the garden doesn’t miss the “Albertine” blooms!

  3. Chloris

    I love Annabelle too it is one of the loveliest Hydrangeas.
    Your vase looks lovely Ali. Alchemilla Mollis is wonderful with roses and I love your Albertine.

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