The Cuttings Calender – May

Lilac Time

Lilac Time

May arrived with a bang! It was “Lilac Time”!
Such an easy vase to create – this one I’ve done several times before. It comprises of the blooms and leaves of three unknown varieties of lilac, in a favourite jug. Two are from our garden – the white and the lilac, and the purple one is from our neighbours garden (with his blessing!) This is easily my favourite vase!

White Lilac

White Lilac

I tried to repeat this, with purely the white lilac, in a smoky glass vase.

There were other contenders other than lilac.

A dinky pot with lily-of-the-valley

A dinky pot with lily-of-the-valley

A simple pot, that packed a hefty scent! Had to be done!

Bells and Bugles!

Bells and Bugles!

As you can tell from the title, I used the last of the bluebells, along with Ajuga flowers, in my milk bottles. I picked up the latter’s dark leaves with some sprigs of Anthriscus “Ravenswing”, for a bit of leafy texture.

A cup of "Wild" flowers

A cup of “Wild” flowers

This, I loved! So wild and floaty, but it was short lived. They were only wild in the confines of our garden! I chose blue Forget-me-nots, which were everywhere, pink Herb Robert, a wild form of geranium, which I introduced myself, and lots of frothy white Cow Parsley, which made a welcome appearance. I added in some white flowering stems of Luzula nivea, to add a grassy touch. A beautiful effect, but over too soon!

The rest were the “A+E” contenders!

image image

I was admiring the daisies, while I had five mins, before getting the lawnmower out. They just had to be rescued!

I wonder what next month will bring!

4 thoughts on “The Cuttings Calender – May

  1. Chloris

    Lilac is wonderful for a vase, fantastic to bring all that scent into the house. The same with lilies in the valley which get lost in the garden. I am glad that you have daisies in the lawn so do I, they are so pretty.

  2. Cathy

    You could had this as an ‘In a vase on Monday’ post as well! I liked your cup of wildflowers too – and your little bottle crate is such a good way of displying flowers. I shall be looking out for one of those!

  3. thelonggardenpath Post author

    The milk bottles were such a wonderful present. They’re perfect if you just have a few blooms to bring indoors, rather than a vaseful. I am determined to do an “In a vase on Monday” post. It will come soon, I’m sure!


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