“June is busting out all over”

All the buds are now well and truly bursting!

The Cottage Border

The Cottage Border

The Cottage Border is showing its first wave of flowers. The irises, pink poppies and aquilegias have been flowering now for a while, and geraniums, and the first of the roses, are starting to join in.

Angelica archangelica

Angelica archangelica

The Angelica buds I showed you last month, have exploded now. I’ve counted 14 flower heads! Quite dramatic. If only it was perennial!

Iris "Jane Phillips"

Iris “Jane Phillips”

I also showed you last month, buds of, what I thought, was “Jane Phillips”. THIS is she – those buds were an imposter! I’ve been told that they were the buds of “Immorality”, (although I’m not 100% convinced!)



The allium bulbs are blooming now. I think they’re Allium aflatunense. They have been there, under performing, for several years, and now that I have revamped this bit of border, they have decided to remind me they are still there. The border was redone as a “Champagne border”, trying to reproduce Luciano’s Laurent Perrier garden. Thankfully, they fit in with the scheme – they’re the bubbles!

Astrantia "Buckland" with Nectaroscordum

Astrantia “Buckland” with Nectaroscordum

The Nectaroscordum, now that they are flowering, has thrown up an unexpected plant combination, with Astrantia “Buckland”. The colours mirror each of them, creamy white tinged with pink and green. A pleasant surprise!

Papaver orientalis "Patty's Plum"

Papaver orientalis “Patty’s Plum”

Papaver orientalis  "Patty's Plum"

Papaver orientalis “Patty’s Plum”

This is definitely my favourite flower – at least today! Sadly, these 2 pictures were taken only 1 day apart. Maybe that’s why it’s my favourite – because it’s so fleeting, and longed for. Thankfully, I have more buds. Isn’t the colour so dramatic?



And the first of my roses have started to bloom. Think of this as a taster. I hope to do a future post on my roses. The pale pink one is our rambler, rosa “Albertine” and the deep pink one is the beautiful English rose, “Gertrude Jekyll”, nestled among more emerging buds, of Hydrangea “Annabelle”.

Papaver orientalis ( unknown)

Papaver orientalis ( unknown)

Iris "Cable Car"

Iris “Cable Car”

And two more recently burst buds. They certainly demand to be noticed! P.s the iris smells like it looks – chocolate/orange! Mmm!

Thalictrum "Elin"

Thalictrum “Elin”

And what do you make of this? This is the flower spike of Thalictrum “Elin”. I checked – it’s supposed to reach 6 ft. This is more like 10 ft. Honest, I’ve not been feeding it steroids!

And on that lofty note, I’ll say bye for now! I’m off to see what else is blooming lovely!

10 thoughts on ““June is busting out all over”

  1. Chloris

    Wow! That Thalictrum is getting a bit above itself. I am intrigued by your Iris that smells of chocolate, that is a new one on me. The Angelica might not be perennial but it seeds around a bit too enthusiastically. I have it coming up everywhere.And lovely Patty’s Plum, isn’ t she a gorgeous colour? You have lots of lovely June blooms to enjoy Ali.

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Thank you, Chloris! As you can see, you prompted me to show more of my roses, when they get into their stride. Can you believe that the Thalictrum is only in its second full year? As for the iris, I was drawn first to irises by their amazing flowers and colours, but then by the descriptions of the scents that some of them have. “Queechee” was described by the nursery as smelling of chocolate/orange so it was a must! And “Cable Car” smells the same. Terry’s it ain’t but I can tell what they mean!

  3. Cathy

    One of my thalictrums is ridiculously tall for the second year running – I must check back and see if I can work out which variety it is. You are right about the Nectaroscordum/ A Buckland combination – perfect, and don’t you just love Buckland? It is such a stalwart here and flowered longer than almost anything else in the garden last year. I was wondering if I could fit in any more roses and seeing your Gertrude Jekyll playing hide and seek with Annabelle has got me thinking….. hmm, we are calling in at David Austen roses later in the week….

  4. thelonggardenpath Post author

    I have a few astrantias, but “Buckland”, which is also only in its second year, is probably my favourite – I love the colour combinations in the flower. If you’re off to David Austin’s, I have 2 warnings, for you. One, is that it’s Cosford Air Show on Sunday this weekend so be prepared for traffic, (although you may get a free air show!) and second, that you will have to find more border space! It’s the perfect time to go! Temptation!

  5. wellywoman

    Some gorgeous plants and planting combos there. Wonder if your thalictrum is so tall because of the mild winter? I have some plants that are much bigger than I would expect them to be and I’m sure it’s because they started growing that bit earlier.

  6. thelonggardenpath Post author

    I’m happy that the blue one in the post is “Jane Phillips”, but it was planted alongside “Deep Black”, which turned out to be white with lilac tints. It became obvious when they both flowered together. When I broached the subject with the nursery, they told me it might be “Immortality”, but, as you say, that is pure white. So the “Deep Black”s true identity is still unknown!


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