The Cuttings Calender – April


I think I’m getting into my stride now. As the year unfolds, there is much more material available in the garden for cutting. Add to that, the inspiration that I have had, from following Cathy’s meme at “Rambling in the Garden”, has really helped my imagination.

Thanks to that, this has to be my favourite for April. I started to use a selection of flowers, along with foliage to create this display. We have here, Bluebells, Dicentra, Pulmonaria, Muscari, Forget-me-nots, all set off with the variegated foliage of Euonymus, and arranged in a pretty, blue and white mug.


In a similar vein, my milk bottles came back into use, this time using Bluebells with Erythronium “Pagoda”, with its delicate yellow bells, again with some Euonymus foliage.

image image

By total contrast, there is this dark, sultry arrangement, which came close. These photos are of the same pot, but in different settings. How different do they look? I chose the dark flowers of Geranium phaeum, Vinca “Atropurpurea”, and a couple of sprigs of Akebia quinata (never imagined I’d use climbers in a vase!) and the foliage of Anthriscus “Ravenswing”, Heuchera “Chocolate Ruffles” and Bronze Fennel, and lightened with a couple of sprigs of complementary pink Chaerophyllum hirsutum “Roseum”.

image image

These last two candidates were rescued victims.
Firstly, some stray pink bluebells in a patch of blue, which completed their display indoors with some Luzula sprigs (again, I tip I learned from fellow bloggers!). The second, was a stem from my recently acquired Ashwood hellebore (remember the damaged stem, the day after purchase?). Shall we term this the “A+E” category?

So that’s it for another month – unless I decide I’m good enough to join in with the meme!

2 thoughts on “The Cuttings Calender – April

  1. Cathy

    Oh I had to smile – there are no entry requirements for the vase meme, so please don’t think you might not be good enough! 😉 It’s the joy of the picking and bringing the pickings inside that counts – and you have clearly done both of these in all these arrangements. I especially liked the first one – but then the others all had their attractions too. I do like the milk bottle holder – I am passing an IKEA on Saturday so will be calling in to look for quirky vases and things for the garden and I know they have milk bottle style vases so they will definitely be on my mental list.

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Thank you, Cathy! I will try! I love my milk bottles, they were a Christmas present and possibly encouraged me to do what I had promised myself to do for the last couple of years, by cutting flowers for indoors. I’m now on the look out for a good, old-fashioned 1 pt. glass milk bottle, now not so easy to come by. I do hope you find some good containers. I’d imagine IKEA to be a good source.


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