An Easter egg hunt


Why not join in?

My not so grown- up son, still has to have his childhood Easter rituals, of decorating and rolling hard boiled eggs, and an Easter egg hunt.

As you can see, the eggs have already been decorated, ready for rolling. The theme (apart from my traditional clown – I can’t draw anything else!) was Superheroes.

Now for the Egg hunt – complete with glimpses of our garden! The theme was Song Titles – they had to use the titles to track down where the eggs were! Can you spot them?

20140420-145902.jpg 20140420-145847.jpg 20140420-145833.jpg 20140420-145800.jpg 20140420-145744.jpg 20140420-145733.jpg 20140420-145723.jpg 20140420-145712.jpg 20140420-145657.jpg

I hadn’t realised how well I’d hidden them!
And if you can guess the song titles, I’ll be even more amazed!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “An Easter egg hunt

  1. Chloris

    I hope you had a lovely Easter. I can’t imagine what the song titles are, except perhaps ‘Smoke gets in your eyes’ for the first one? It’s nice to get a few glimpses of the garden. How about a tour?

    1. thelonggardenpath Post author

      I was disappointed with the photos – the originals were much better! You could actually make out the eggs! The first one was “Fire Starter” . Thanks for your interest in the garden. Will start composing my tour!

  2. Cathy

    Underneath the arches? Hair? It’s nice when grown up children like the old customs – but why don’t they make Christmas stockings for ME…? 🙂

  3. thelonggardenpath Post author

    ‘Fraid not! The “Kids” did manage to find them all, without too much prompting! I keep thinking he must outgrow these things eventually, but no! Fortunately! I think I’d miss them too! Must drop hints about the Christmas stocking, though!


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