I went to Ashwood and….


….came home with Jemima Puddleduck!

Don’t worry! I haven’t lost it entirely! I wanted to buy a present for my new niece, and shopping here is so much more pleasurable than having to tackle the dreaded Shopping Centre. And while I was there…!


…. I gave in to last month’s temptation and purchased one of the beautiful hellebores I was admiring then. (I did promise there’s always next month!) I know the season is almost over, and although still looking good, they are getting past their best, but I was not just getting a beautiful hellebore, but also a bargain! Who could turn it down? It is one of the Ashwood garden hybrids, with yellow cups, backed with peachy, pink and flushed red in the centre. I know where that’s going!

That was not my only garden purchase. As well as the bucket of chicken manure that’s needed at this time of year, I also added an Oriental poppy – Papaver “Patty’s Plum” – to be added to one of my new herbaceous borders. Love it’s smoky plum colour – so spectacular though short lived. I already have one in another bed in the garden, but I’m too impatient to propagate it – I want instant results! Hope to show you it’s progress later!

4 thoughts on “I went to Ashwood and….

  1. Chloris

    A lovely Hellebore and Patty’s Plum is gorgeous. The great thing about oriental poppies is that they are so easy from root cuttings that if you move one and leave a tiny bit of root behind then you get another poppy.

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    I know, I’ve discovered that when trying to move others around the garden. Once planted, they’re there for good! I’m being lazy and too impatient! Please forgive me!

  3. Cathy

    Ah, bargains plants! Were they reduced? Great time to add to your collection and the reward for resisting temptation the last time!


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