I went to Ashwood and…


….I, sadly, managed to resist all the beautiful hellebores – the yellows, reds, and doubles…..(sob!). Instead, I was disciplined enough to stick to what I needed – some holly hedging to plug a gap in my native hedge. I did add in some sweet pea seeds, though, with a view to have some lovely cutting flowers, to adorn both the potager, and the house. I chose two old varieties – “Matucana” and “Painted Lady”. Let’s see what happens! And there’s always next month’s visit!

6 thoughts on “I went to Ashwood and…

  1. thelonggardenpath Post author

    I was sorely tempted – they had such lovely colours and some beautiful doubles. I do fancy a yellow one – not a colour I have. Maybe next month! I won’t be so restrained next time!

  2. Annette

    We have to learn to resist as gardeners, don’t we!? Got sweet pea seeds of an English friend and look forward to their scented splendour this summer.


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