The Cuttings Calendar – January


Having instigated my Cuttings Calender, and set myself the target of a constant supply of indoor arrangements, I’d better get on with it! It is now nearly the end of February, with little to show so far.

Indoor arrangements – well, I must use the term loosely! I do like single sprays occasionally, sometimes for simple impact, but sometimes because there is little available at the time. I will allow myself that leeway for my first attempts!
My fellow bloggers have inspired me to be more imaginative so I must be more adventurous in future.


My Mahonia selection in milk bottles, was a contender. It imparted a wonderful scent around the room and was a lovely, cheery yellow. It also lasted well. Snowdrops with Sarcococca also featured for several days.

However, the Sarcococca had to be the pick of January! It was my first attempt and so had to be the one!

2 thoughts on “The Cuttings Calendar – January

  1. Chloris

    The great advantage of things you can pick in winter is the wonderful fragrance of so many winter flowering shrubs. Sarcococca! You just can’t beat it. The fragrance is amazing. How would you describe it?

  2. thelonggardenpath Post author

    Wow! What a question! Tricky one to describe – sweet? heady? Must pay closer attention. I do know that on several occasions I’ve walked down the garden, stopped and wondered “Where is that gorgeous smell coming from?” Nothing is obvious immediately around me, and then I realise I’ve stopped over fifteen feet away from my Sarcococca clump. I first was hit by the smell when we visited EuroDisney many years ago at this time of year, where it was widely planted. Once I tracked down the scent, I was a convert, and it immediately became a “must have”. It is the one I most look forward to flowering.


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