It’s snowing!

The first of the season, and I was beginning to think none would be forthcoming. But I should have remembered that February is often the month that surprises us. I must confess that the small bit of child left in me, still loves the snow, and I always revel in the first, fresh snowfalls. And I love how it transforms the garden! The wellies are dragged out for the “walk round the estate” as I wander around shrouded in the new found quietness that accompanies a good fall of snow.
However, all the recent wet weather may well mean that this snowfall may be short lived. Part of me hopes not, as I hope to capture some of the seasonal transformations, to share with you. I will be watching closely, with brand new wellies close to hand!

4 thoughts on “It’s snowing!

  1. wellywoman

    I love snow too. It doesn’t feel like a winter if we haven’t had any. I was chatting to a friend the other day and he said we might be in for some at the end of the month. if I’m honest though I’ve had enough of winter now. Roll on spring and some dry weather. 😉

  2. thelonggardenpath

    Like you, I much prefer snow to rain, and, boy, we’ve had enough of that! It’s the wind though, that bothers me most – so destructive! We deserve some more springlike weather now. Roll on! We gardeners have lots to do!!


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