January blues?….I don’t think so!

I’ve been told that January is supposed to be the gloomiest month of the year, with “Blue Monday” (either the 6th or 20th, depending on your sources) as the most depressing day. O.K. So the mirth and mayhem of the festive season is over, and we’re faced with months of darkness and drab weather, before spring lifts our spirits again with the certainty of long, hot, summer days ahead! (Hmm!!). You’re probably tempted to head back to bed and bury yourself under the duvet to sleep through it.
Don’t rush off though! Look at it another way. The hectic madness is over and there is a refreshing peace and tranquility to replace it. And as if that’s not enough, as a gardener, this is the time of freshness and renewal.
Today has been the perfect example. I have just spent some time in my garden (aka “The Estate”!) and it has been in no way gloomy or depressing. The sun has been shining in a clear, blue sky giving warmth to an otherwise frosty day. Already the bulbs are starting to force their way through – I spotted snowdrops, crocuses and narcissi. And I counted five shrubs in bloom, pumping out their gorgeous scent all through the garden. So already I’ve got cutting material to bring indoors. (My Xmas pressy getting its first use!) This I must share!
How can anyone with a garden be blue in January?


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